Our Services

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the medium by which users access the internet, so why not capitalize on this and have a custom built mobile application for your business. We specialize in developing amazing, modern apps for your forward-thinking businesses.

Why Mobile App?

  1. Your basic website can be mobile friendly and may be responsive. Weather you go to a desktop browser or mobile browser it is the same code. Web Application, even though it is responsive, it has certain limitations when accessed in mobile devices. The first limitation is that, you can't use your mobile device camera, you cannot use your geo mobile locations services on your phone, and device mobile specific features.
  2. Mobile Apps are cross platform application and wont depend on whether Java is installed in your computer or .net is available or not. It just works once downloaded from the respective apps Market.
  3. It is seven times costly to acquire new customers rather than upselling to the existing customers with more and more products and services and to sell them frequently. An average person looks at his mobile device every six minutes on an average. If your business has a mobile app, they carry it with them always and will get in touch with you more frequently.

We are a knowledgeable and adaptable team recognizing that every customer has a different set of requirements for their applications. To this end, our team works hand in hand with you to deliver a mobile business app that suits your changing needs at an affordable price.

Let us help you turn your dream into reality using technology so you can make money.

Our development expertise includes:

  • Android apps
  • iOS apps
  • Windows phone apps
  • BlackBerry apps
  • Backend apps using Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend apps using HTML